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Full Service Commissioner
Professionals throughout the following services, from design, plate making, sending samples, production, shipping, distribution, "stop" intimate services.
Professional, personalized, diversified products and services
Full advantage of our specialized technology for multi-dimensional needs of guests with personalized service, long-term client partnerships to provide a wide range of value-added services.
24 hours rush orders processing
For integration of resources and service teams through skills upgrading, to enhance rapid response capabilities, to protect all kinds of print production needs of emergency, can rush orders within 24 hours of production tasks.
Secret service
In film production, proofing, production, storage and transportation and other sectors to provide strict security services to protect clients business secrets are not leaked.
Regional Services
Free delivery to local customers, off-site customers with packaging and distribution solutions.
From the amount of 200-10000 copies printed range, large manufacturers, price real good, more internationally competitive quality, please call to discuss!
Provide pre-planning print design, printing technology research, making the sample pictures, sample packaging production, color proofing, prepress professionals / India / printed after the entire follow-up, logistics and so on premium services. Give you more peace of mind and effort to obtain better quality of printed materials!


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