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From ancient to modern, from the wild to civilization, mankind has experienced a long cable ... from the papermaking Cai Lun, Bi Shengs movable type, to todays modern printing shocking human, human civilization and progress always printed technology solidarity.
Classical Printing Co., Ltd. Shenzhen was established in 1998, the carrier at a time when Chinas economic boom, Shenzhen and the countrys first batch of printing companies. Adjacent to Hong Kong due to the constant acceptance of the worlds advanced printing technology and the influence of Western management concepts, has maintained a good momentum of rapid development. In just ten years, the "classical" has formed its own unique culture and promote the development of Shenzhen, the printing market.
Company specializing in all kinds of fine paperback album, promotional materials, posters, annual reports, quality packaging, books and magazines printing business, providing printing solutions for the case of the community. We uphold the "integrity-based, US-Jishi Zhen" business philosophy, and "sincerity, to the letter, enthusiasm, enthusiastic," the concept of service to the most advanced equipment technology, process, service mode, and "classical" human unique expertise and professionalism, carrying, and entrusted to each customers trust.
Printed family
1980 classic Printing started printing the first small workshop
1996-Officially registered in the United States Government Printing classics
2000- Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, one of the first large-scale printing
Self-built plant 20,000 square meters (live action)
Factory office environment (photographing)

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