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"Customer first, the mission will be up." Classical Printing printing company has a set of perfect customer service system, providing customers from prepress to finishing the design, distribution, service and other professional service feedback, and constantly exceed customer expectations and achieve a wide range of value-added services.

Classical Printing printing company has become the strength of many excellent reputation of multinational companies, group companies, large enterprises in the printing vendor. Includingcompanies such as Wal-Marts China headquarters, and China Mobile, China Telecom,Lenovo Group, TCL Group, Konka Group, Ping An Insurance, Foxconn, Neptunus Pharmaceutical, China Post and other large enterprise groups, there are government departments, such as Shenzhen National Tax Bureau, traffic Management Bureau, economicBureau, more numerous domestic and classic printing Press printing Company cooperate, such as the Chinese peoples University Press, Guangxi Normal University Publishing House, Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House, Hubei childrens Press, wish to publish society, twenty-first century publishers, Zhejiang Photographic Press, Liaoning education Press, HorizonPublishing House.


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