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Printing has always been the classic quality management in an important position, not only is the customers respect and attention, but also their own brand building and shaping is one important way! Quality is the life, but also classic soul!

                                                                                              Since the founding of the company founded in 1998 always full implementation of international standards by ISO quality management system of the normal operation of allowing customers torest assured that your peace of mind! To effectively monitor good quality, classic also established a multi-laboratory standardization, testing equipment, dozens of sets of main materials and auxiliary materials can be products such as ROHS and other physical properties and to undertake a comprehensive and effective control test, to ensure our products meetEuropean and American countries, environmental standards and related laws and regulations, the company in early 2007, the introduction of advanced X-RF EDX-720 analyzer, which can effectively detect and monitor the products of heavy metals.

From ancient to modern, from the wild to civilization, from the papermaking Cai Lun, Bi Shengs movable type, to todays modern printing shocking human, classical Printing has beenoperating in good faith, strict governance, see the healthy development of said, repeatedly received awards.

In 2001, the classical printing company in Shenzhen Longhua Sakata purchase of land, self-built 20,000 m2 factory, in order to help enterprises to take off.

Classic printing company registered capital of 15 million (paid-up capital), fixed assets, more than 2 million, the annual output value of billions of dollars.

Point designated by the Government Printing
10 printing corporate integrity
Was named the civilization enterprise   
Tax Registration Certificate
Was named the integrity unit
Business license (registered capital of 5 million)
Was awarded the advanced units of credit management
Quality Certification



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